Isn’t it beautiful the meaning of life?

Life, from what we know, has a meaning that varies from person to person, everybody may have a place to fulfill and is not to us to seek an inmediate truth, but to carve that truth in our path. The hedonists define the meaning of life as “the seek of pleasure and avoidance of pains”, and we can agree on that, we try to avoid bad moments and focus on the good ones.

The beauty of life doesnt rely on a moment as an isolated element, but as mix of elements, abstract elements and /or physical ones, emotions, images, descriptions, messages, etc. Is the aesthetic of the composition of these moments what brings delight. We dont look at a painting and see it just as certain strips of colors, but as a composition of different strokes of paint made to express a message, some explain a message better than others, and is up to us to feel that message with our own perception because no two perceptions, no two experiences are alike.

That’s art.
And the aesthetic of it

Isn’t art some composition with an emotional content? Well, kinda, art is some of a complex subject, but we can agree that may be the case.
And the philosophy of the aesthetic describes itself as the way we judge art, and we delight on them.

Is still a matter in discussion, but we can agree is that it is a rational way to judge art and how we are affected by it.
Philosopers describe it as “the branch of philosophy concerned with the nature and appreciation of art, beauty and good taste. It has also been defined as “critical reflection on art, culture and nature”
For example, Kant refers to it as “our faculty of judgment that enables us to have experience of beauty and grasp those experiences as part of an ordered, natural world with purpose.”

So, anything can be aesthetic, maybe, but we can agree that beautiful moments in out life, like having some baseball team win one competition or having a pleasant moment taking some coffee in a rainy day can be aesthetic, but also, even some sour moments like crying over a dead pet can be aesthetic, it is full of rich emotional content, experiences, and it can be sublime, it have a deep meaning, and as i said, is not the image the art piece, but the sum of its characteristics.

And what is beauty?
It can be described as a combination of qualities, such as shape, color, or form, that pleases the aesthetic senses, especially the sight.”
so it is kind of recursive, beauty requieres an aesthetic sense, a jugdemental point of view about the characteristics of the piece

Which characteristics we must pursue, or we even pursue without knowing?
The philosopher Denis Dutton identified six universal signatures in human aesthetics:

  1. Expertise or virtuosity. Humans cultivate, recognize, and admire technical artistic skills.
  2. Nonutilitarian pleasure. People enjoy art for art’s sake, and do not demand that it keep them warm or put food on the table.
  3. Style. Artistic objects and performances satisfy rules of composition that place them in a recognizable style.
  4. Criticism. People make a point of judging, appreciating, and interpreting works of art.
  5. Imitation. With a few important exceptions like abstract painting, works of art simulate experiences of the world.
  6. Special focus. Art is set aside from ordinary life and made a dramatic focus of experience.

While all of these characteristics are not inherent of any piece of art, or any beautiful moment, for example, we cannot say that a flower is made of experts artistic skills, but we can recognize it as beautiful, and even feed it with memories, experiences, emotions, it is our qualities that make art valuable, because humans pursue it unknowingly.

For me, my path of life is to fulfill it with art, with experiences, not only by wandering at some museum and looking at paintings, but, to seek beauty on any place, at any moment, discovered it not long ago, i knew that i pursued art, i love music, some digital works, books, and i value knowledge as a high quality of the human being.

In a more logical sense, we can say that time is like kind of a monetary value in which life relies, time not only marks what you do, but also when you stop to do so, and what is knowledge if it is not a way to enrich ourselves on matter of time, so i decided to just make any experience a way to gain knowledge, to enrich myself, and the beauty of it, the beauty of having the right words to describe something, of knowing not only about physical things that happen every day, but also to read more books, to listen to more music, the knowledge of that book, song, painting, but also the experiences that come with it, the emotional content, the things that they teach to you, and the experience, even the conversations which i can have about it, knowledge is free and we can get it everywhere, now we have the internet which is full, flooding on knowledge.

That phrase changed my life, i was a big fan of Asimov, not only because of his book, but because it is an important matter in my career, and, imagine, that everyday you gain more knowledge, imagine that, doesnt matter what you do, maybe read a book, or having a conversation, but even thinking, or having internal conversations while you do some manual work like botanic or just applying glue to some paper, aren’t you learning something?

Here we have two things, to aspects, is not only learning, creating, making, but also, making ideas in your mind, and ideas are aesthetic, from the ideas, we shape reality.

In Sandman, one of the most common issues is that, dreams dictate reality, in the last picture it is shown that shakespeare writes stories for “sandman friends” and along the series we can see that he dreams the stories, and writes them, and as we know, shakespeare has made masterpieces, that started as simple dreams or ideas. In the comics of sandman it is known that ideas come from the realm of dream, you dont have to dream to have an idea, you just have to make a slight connection, and ideas will bubble.

We can also take value of conversations, any of it
Im a person of stories, i love stories, and people always have stories to tell, stories are not independent objects, they exist because of some subject, of a sustantive, that existed between them, because some experiences were made, and because someone is there to tell.

Remember we have always something new to learn, even about yourself
Imagine new scenarios, learn some new skill, or pursue beautiful, and ask yourself, what is aesthetic or beautiful for you, and go for it, maybe eating a parfait or just playing chess.

Aesthetic exists even on the darker moments, i remember when my grandma died, i let out a smile, imagining all these beautiful moments i got with her, and how now, her sweet soul is put to rest, all these moment of aesthetic value.

Is up to you to carve a path and generate value on what you value the most, dont think on the end, the finishing line, but the paths to get to these things you value, the path will carve itself like your steps on fresh grass.

Coder, Designer, Artist, and a Curious Person from Venezuela. Dragged into clouds evaporating on haze with full of feather wings searing on a red sky.