The Scenic Road for the New Web Developer and the Freecodecamp Camper

FreeCodeCamp Curriculum

Design Styles

  • Minimalism: This is the peak of design on 2018 and what is to come, a style that just is there with its simplicity and impact and the most important right now, “Less is more”.
A minimalist style with no other elements more than a rich amount of typography and some other pictures
  • Broken Grid Layouts: This is just a way of saying that some elements of the page “breaks” the page flow
  • Variations of Shapes and Figures: Simplistic webpage with figures and elements on the background with different colors and abstract shapes

Grid And Flex

Do you need a color guide?

Mockups? Sure, Tasks manager? Too!



Welcome to JS



Front End Libraries



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Chrystian Arana

Chrystian Arana


Coder, Designer, Artist, and a Curious Person from Venezuela. Dragged into clouds evaporating on haze with full of feather wings searing on a red sky.